Steps to take when launching a business

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2021 | Business Law

Opening up a business is an important moment for an entrepreneur, if not the realization of a longtime dream. Although lawyers do not typically prepare a business plan, we can review them to be sure that legal matters are properly addressed.  We can also help you implement your plan.

What’s in a name?

A catchy and memorable name for your business can garner significant attention. However, you have to make sure another enterprise hasn’t already taken it. Legal counsel can ensure your business name is truly yours, and keep others from trying to capitalize on your good will.

Location, location, location

If your business requires more than a desk in your spare bedroom, you will need real estate, whether just an office, or a store, warehouse or factory.  Whether it involves leasing or buying, your lawyer can help to negotiate your lease or purchase contract, check zoning requirements, or other regulations that can affect your business.

Financing needs

Additional legal matters could also involve financing via business loans. Loan documents are lengthy, filled with complicated legalese, and definitely favor the lender.  The help of an attorney can play an essential role in securing the best deal possible.

Adhering to regulations

Depending on the business, certain regulations may govern your operations. Again, lawyers with insight into this complex aspect of entrepreneurship can keep your company from potentially violating long-established rules.


Employment law is nothing to handle without the help of an attorney with experience and contemporary knowledge of ever-changing regulations. A lawyer can prepare your contracts, employment agreements, and employee handbooks to ensure that employee responsibilities and other terms of employment are clearly spelled out, that your trade secrets and other intellectual property are protected, and that employees will not be able to quit and compete with you.  Your lawyer can also keep you from running afoul of anti-discrimination and other labor laws.

Assembling all the “building blocks” is paramount to opening a business. While the most careful steps do not mean that the enterprise will succeed, it provides peace of mind that everything done to establish operations was done within the law. Issues will arise throughout the course of your company’s existence, likely necessitating ongoing legal help.